Our Mission

The mission of the Seattle Collaborative Space Alliance (SCSA) is to unify, support and promote the coworking and collaborative space movement.

Who We Are

We are a distributed community of space owners, manager, members and community catalysts who share a passion for coworking and collaboration in and around the Seattle metro area.

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Why are we doing this?

As collaborative spaces emerge all over the world, we want to encourage locally focused support for the creation and promotion of coworking spaces throughout our cities. We believe that coworking spaces are key aspects to a sustainable urban environment because they provide a platform for community among independent workers. When those communities form, all sorts of good things happen. New business opportunities are discovered, resources you didn’t know existed are suddenly sitting at the next desk, personal relationships are formed and the rest of the local community grows stronger. The SCSA strives to make coworking an integral part of every city’s resource base.

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Our Values & Philosophy

The SCSA shares the core values of coworking: community, collaboration, openness, sustainability, and accessibility.

As believers in the above values we share a philosophy of helping each other out, rather than competing with each other. If one space in our community succeeds, we all succeed. We support one another by referring potential coworkers to spaces that we feel fit their needs best. We aim to create a supportive environment for everyone in our community.


Our organization is growing and evolving and always looking for people who share our values and are excited about coworking to join us! To become a Member Space, we require $100 in annual dues and participation at a minimum of two business meetings per year.

Like a coworking space, this is your community. Make it what you want it to be.