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Collective Chemistry: Coworking for Freelance Digital Creatives in Seattle

by Cat Johnson

In 2012, Adam Knight and Jae Macallan, two Seattle-based freelance video professionals, decided to find an office to share. The two were tired of working from home and needed a space that lent legitimacy to their businesses. They found a one-room, windowless, tiny office and got to work. Within a year, they had profound results by simply having a designated workspace.

“Even in that crappy office, we both doubled our income in one year,” says Knight, owner of Red Element Studios, a small video production company. “We really loved having a space that was different from our home and we thought, ‘How can we do this with more people?’”

Knight and Macallan, who owns video and motion company Yoyostring Creative, reached out on Facebook to find other freelance digital creatives interested in sharing an office. They got a great response so they moved out of their tiny office and into a space downtown. Eventually, they broke down a wall in the space and expanded because there was such demand.

“I didn’t even know it was coworking back then,” says Knight, “but people were into it.”  Continue reading