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Works Progress: How One Seattle Coworking Space Embraces Science Fiction, Family-friendly Work, and a Triple Bottom Line


by Cat Johnson

When Marnee Chua moved with her family to Seattle, she hoped to find a coworking space that offered childcare. When she didn’t find one, she decided to start her own. She partnered with Jessie Rymph to get the idea off the ground and, though their original idea of a space with onsite childcare didn’t take off, it led to the creation of Works Progress, a family-friendly coworking space focused on the triple bottom line of social good, the environment, and financial sustainability. Continue reading


Coworking and Childcare in Seattle: How THE INC. is Transforming the Way Parents Work

In 2012, Marnee Chua and Jessie Rymph tried to launch a coworking space with onsite childcare in Seattle. There were numerous hurdles with the project, however, including finding the right space to bring coworking and childcare together and the fact that licensing for childcare is restrictive and expensive.

The two put the project on hold and opened Works Progress, a coworking space in Seattle’s Greenwood neighborhood. But the coworking and childcare idea persisted, with Works Progress community members expressing frustration at the challenge of finding childcare while they worked.

“There was still a bug in Marnee’s ear that there had to be a better way,” says Marlene Mejia Weiss, Executive Director of Outreach at THE INC., and board member of the Women’s Business Incubator (WBI), an organization in Seattle offering coworking with an onsite preschool, toddler room, and cowork/coplay room. “Coworking alone wasn’t solving the bigger issue of finding flexible, affordable childcare.”  Continue reading